by Silas Abbott



I wrote this track in about a week. I was on fire, that was all I wanted to do in that week. Normally, to make a song in a week put a lot of pressure on me. This time, I was flowing out ideas, and trying to stir up emotions from this song. I wanted to craft it to a point that it brought back memories in whoever listened to it. I finally came to a point where I couldn't add any more instruments too it, and I stopped. Many times I've looked back at it and wanted to tweak it, to change a little part of it, but I've held myself back and told myself to leave it as it is. It's perfect just the way it is. I called it "Past", because that is exactly what it makes me visualize.

I'm a piano player. I am very picky, and have to say that it sounds best listened to in certain ways :)
Every little detail can make a HUGE difference, no matter how small it is! If you listen to this in stereo with the new Apple EarPods, any Beats headphones, or Bose speakers/headphones, it sounds the best with all the extra deep amounts of bass hidden in the background of the song.


released 01 April 2013



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